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Healing Power

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Amethyst has become known as a power crystal with prolific healing powers that can be characterized as purifying, pacifying and transitional. Amethyst has the ability to transform lower energies into higher ones and acts as a healer at all levels of the mind, body and spirit.The healing powers of the Amethyst date back as far as the ancient Greeks who believed that Amethyst protected a person from the intoxicating effects of alcohol. The word "Amethyst" is of Greek origin, and is translated as "Amethystus" meaning intoxicated. Richway has harnessed this healing power in it's Biomats.

Amethyst incorporated into the BioMat and Amethyst Pillow

Ailments That Amethyst Helps Cure:

Amethyst, throughout history, has been used to: calm anxiety, cure hangovers, treat tooth aches, skeletal discomforts, posture and other bone and joint-related sicknesses (like arthritis). Amethyst also has been used for problems with the stomach and digestive tract. It has also been known to help with various types of blood disease and for balancing sugar in the human body. As a healing stone, Amethyst has been used to treat and heal problems involving the central nervous system, convulsions and neuralgia. It also has been used to increase stamina and insomnia.

The Amethyst


The Amethyst stone is often associated with peace. It has been known to calm and protect the mind and soothes those that have engaged in rigorous mental activity. The Amethyst is known as "natures tranquilizer".

The Science of the Amethyst crystal

Healing With The Amethyst

Amethyst is universally accepted as the healing crystal and has been since ancient times. Amethyst is identified as a crystal that functions favorably in clearing certain types of blockage and in aligning the Chakras. By transforming energies on all levels, amethyst also has also been used to enhance the ability to balance and stabilize energies located within certain areas. Amethyst is related to and found to heal and align ailments.

The benefit of using a crystal lies in the healer being able to separate him or herself from the healing process. The healer asigns the healing channel to the crystal, which frees the healer from involvement in the process. The healing process then becomes Universal energy to the Amethyst and the recipient. Notice that the healer and the ego are not part of the process. The healer is able to carry on with a healing session acting as the channel only. The ego has less opportunity to take the credit for itself because the healing channel has been assigned to the amethyst by the healer.

Besides being a stone of tranquility and repose, amethyst has also been used to enhance mental strength, stability and vigor. It also thought to be effective in protecting the mind from psychic attacks, and transforming negative energy into that of postive and tranquil tenacity.

Far Infrared Rays
Far Infrared Rays

The Word's Best Amethyst


The world's best source of Amethyst comes from Korea. Known for its power to detoxify the body, the Amethyst also produces Far Infrared Rays. These rays revitalize the biological function of your cells to: increase blood circulation, promote perspiration, relieve neuralgia, backaches and arthritis, as well as eliminate toxins. Far Infrared Rays are good for relaxation, perform an antibacterial function and purify the air.



Amethysts and Far Infrared Rays

Amethyst stones are very strong emitters of Far Infrared Rays, which deeply penetrate organic substances (including the human body) and infuse those substances with very uniform warming effect. There are three universally accepted characteristics of an Amethyst's Far Infrared Rays:

    Radiation is one of the general characteristics of light and this means that light reaches an object without using the air. For example, the Sun's light reaches the Earth throught the vacuum of space by radiation.The Amethyst in a biomat increases the strength of infrared rays 200x.
    The second characteristic is the deep impact power. Different from ordinary light beams and short wave infrared rays, Long Wave Infrared Rays can penetrate deeply. Because of this, it can warm our body from the inside out and stimulate many of our body's systems.
    This third characteristic can be explained by an example of touching a large bell with a single finger. A bell has an inherent number of vibrations when it is touched or struck. When the bell is struck at a regular interval, it causes vibrations and it begins to move. When the energy used to activate the bell is increased, the vibrations between molecules strengthens and the electronic energy increases.



How does a BioMat differ from a heating pad?

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