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Healing Power

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The Biomat And Your Health

The Richway Biomat is a unique, proven, safe medical device that has multiple short and long term health benefits. Below you will find a list of just some of the known and proven enhancements to your health that will be yours when you purchase a Richway Biomat.

Every FDA approved medical device has "indications". These are the ailments for which the FDA has proved that particular medical device actually works for. The Biomat is a Class II Medical Device and its indications are: Temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor joint pain and stiffness, minor muscular back pain, muscle pain, joint pain associated with arthritis, minor strains, minor sprains, relaxation of muscles and the increase of local circulation where applied.

Richway has gone to great lengths to ensure that its products are not only safe but also have the approval of the United States and Korean Food and Drug Administrations.


Far Infrared Ray Therapy

Far Infrared Rays penetrate 6 inches into the human body. Therefore, these rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body, but all cells in the deepest parts of our bodies. Because of this, these rays can warm our body from the inside out and stimulate most of our body's essential systems, including the immune system.

Pain Relief

The heat received from the Biomat's far infrared ray production dialates blood vessels much like aspirin and thus relieves muscle aches, back tension, really anything that is the direct result of muscle or tissue pain. Blood vessel dialation also results in greater blood flow which, in turn, sends more oxygen-rich blood to depleted muscle areas and, again, like the effects of aspirin, produces relief.

Improved Blood Circulation

The far infrared rays produced by the Biomat penetrate far beyond your epideral layers. The American Heart Association says that the circulatory system is responsible for the removal of wastes from the body. In Dr. Inoue and Dr. Kabaya's paper, "Biological activities caused by far infrared radiation," infrared rays were discovered to enhance blood circulation in human skin.
  These images show blood circulation before and after 14 days of using a Biomat. You can see the improvement in circulation.
Increased circulation with Biomat useage


The far infrared rays emitted from the Biomat heat the body, resulting in a rise in tissue temperature. Thermotherapy is a therapy that adds heat to the body resulting in a rise in tissue temperature.1 Thermotherapy also increases blood flow where applied which helps tissue healing by providing nutrients, protein and oxygen at the place of the injury. Studies show that a 1% rise in the temperature of tissue is associated with a ten to fifteen percent increase in tissue metabolism locally.2 This increase helps in the healing process by removing the metabolic byproducts of the damaged tissue and produces an environment for the repair of the tissue.


Supports a Healthy Immune System

The deep heat from far infrared rays raises your body temperature and induces a healthy and artificial "fever," which can provide benefits to your immune system as a lymphocyte, a type of immune cell, called a CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell, helps irradicate infected cells.3

Negative Ions

IWhen we go to the mountains, beach or are in a forest, we "smell the fresh air". That's because negative ions, or negatively charged atoms, are abundant in those environments. Pollution depletes these atoms and makes the air less healthy to breathe. The Biomat generates negative ions by way of two of the seventeen layers of its construction. The TOCA (TOurmaline CAtch power) layer contains tourmaline stone which is a natural emitter of negative ions. In a 2013 report on the effects of negative ions, studies were discussed about the positive effects on physiological functions and human health from negative ions.4

Joint Pain And Stiffness Relief

Far Infrared Heat therapy from the Richway Biomat is often used to treat those suffering from arthritis. Sprains, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and joint pain are relieved with the use of a Biomat.

How does a BioMat differ from a heating pad?


If you would like more information about the health benefits of the BioMat, visit


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