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Richway's Detoxi 300hrs is produced from sun-dried salt that is packed inside the hollow, between nodes, of sections of bamboo. It is then heated over and over with pure yellow-ocher in a kiln up to 2000°C. Toxins and heavy metals are expelled by the heat. Bamboo Salt is produced that contains high amounts of essential minerals and micronutrients. It has a high content of Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper, Zinc and Sulfur and Vitamin B.

We all know salt isn't good for us normally but.. Detoxi 300hrs has very low Natrium and Chloride levels.

Richway President Calvin Kim "Most organ’s problem is a cellular problem. When the cell does not have good Osmosis Pressure level, then it cannot work properly. High quality Bamboo Salt can control Osmosis Pressure Balance and Reverse Osmosis Pressure Balance in each Cell.

This happens because Chloride cannot transfer into the cell, so when Chloride surrounds a cell, then the cell’s Osmosis Pressure level will be down. After a cell’s pressure is down it then has a good reaction with Infrared Rays."

Suggested usage:
Mainly used as a health supplement, Richway Detoxi 300hrs can also be used for cooking, massage, bathing, everyday healing, etc.

Detoxi 300hrs is a great compliment to a Richway Biomat, especially with high-heat sessions. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of RichWay Bamboo Salt Powder with 8 oz. of water. Drink before your Biomat high-heat therapy session of 40-60 minutes, after breakfast and dinner.

RichWay Detoxi 300hrs is available in a single box with 30 individual dose packets in it or in a carton which contains 3 boxes.

Detoxi 300hrs  

Medical Device

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