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Media Information, Brochures, BioMat Demo Video

As the Richway Biomat becomes more popular and more and more people are seeing for themselves the anti-aging, pain reducing and health benefits of this product, the media has been asking more frequently if they can spotlight it. Below you will find the primary literature available for the Biomat, the Amethyst Pillow and Alka-Life products that Richway is so well known for making. You will also find a Biomat demonstration video recently produced by Richway. As literature becomes available, you will find it posted here.


These are the major brochures now available for Richway products. The file sizes are large. Just download them to your local computer and they are ready to print.

Brochure and flyers for Richway Products:

Richway Biomat 7000mx Brochure

Richway Biomat 7000mx Flyer

Richway Biomat User Manual

Richway Biomat FAQ's

Bio Acoustic Mat Brochure

Bio Acoustic Mat User Manual

Amethyst Pillow Brochure

Amethyst Pillow Flyer

Alkal-Life Brochure

Alkal Life Flyer

Alkal Life FAQ's

Alkal Life User Manual

Bio Belt Flyer

Bio Belt User Manual

Quantum Energy Pad Brochure

Quantum Energy Pad Care Instructions

Detoxi Flyer


If you would like more information on the BioMat, visit


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