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What is Quantum Energy Healing?

Quantum Energy Healing accepts that there is energy in the world that none of us can see but that directly effects our health. If you consider cell phones, we know that they function without a hard wire to plug in and connect. The waves are invisible to the human eye, yet we know they are there. There are vibrational energies everywhere, within our physical world, within our bodies, within the cells in our bodies. 

Quantum Energy Healing accepts this concept and defines quantum energy as one of these vibrational energy fields and that we can use this energy to heal the human body.

  Amethyst Quantum Pad
Quantum Pad


Quantum Healing is deciding to access the quantum field with an intention to create health and well being. The mind-body connection at sub-atomic level is changed by our awareness and can be used to promote healing.

Richway introduces the new Amethyst Quantum Pad, a product composed of environmentally safe raw materials such as organic energy extracted from peach and grape seeds, which is healthy for the human body's biological vibration





Amethyst Quantum Pads come in the same sizes as Richway Biomats: King, Queen, Single and Professional. They are meant to be placed over the Biomat to add one more dimension to the negative ion and infrared therapies the Biomat profides. It is made of eighteen layers. These 18 special substances develop strong negative electricity and so they play a role in returning the voltage in the body's cell membrane to normalcy.

Once the voltage in a cell becomes normal, the cell instantly begins detoxification while a nerve cell stops the delivery of pain signals, alleviating pain in the human body. These 18 kinds of special substances are organic compounds made from plant seeds which produce strong far infrared light.


The Quantam Pad's Quantum Energy Layer with Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Tourmaline Layer with Negative Ions
Both the quantum energy layer and the tourmaline layer maintain your health by improving blood circulation through the use of far infrared rays which enhance resistance against viruses and bacteria. It performs improvement to the immune system with the creation of negative ions.

Stability of the Brain
Richway's Quantum Pad reduces Beta waves, created by highly stressful situations, while increasing Alpha waves, which create a relaxed state, allowing deep sleep and more energy. This is healthy for everyone, but especially for those who need a high level of focus.

Antibiotic Benefit
The quantum energy layer reduces formaldehyde and ammonia, which are harmful gases, and helps in cases of pneumonia and staphylococcus. The quantum pad's antibiotic function irradicates these gases by 99.9%.

Heat Support / Hypoallergenic
The Quantum Pad's, hypoallergenic microfiber fabric prevents heat loss, keeping you healthy and free from allergic dyes found in most man-made fabrics.

Durability / Air permeability
Its high density and durable 3D mesh material allows excellent air permeability. It also aids the passage of far infrared rays when used with the Biomat. The microfiber cover is machine washable and light, making it easy to wash. The 3D mesh distributes your body weight and pressure points are eliminated. Logo
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