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Healing Power

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The New Richway Biobelt 7000mx


The BioBelt is back! As of December 7, 2015, Richway has released the new Biobelt! The technology of the Richway BioBelt 7000mx Biomat is very similar to the technology in any Richway Biomat, emitting infrared rays and negative ions. There are three parts to the belt: a velcro belt that comes in two sizes, a crystal portion that contains the technology that all biomats provide and the controller, which has a timer built into it and that is made by Texas Instruments. Unlike Richway's other biomats, there many more types of crystals built into this device, eight in all. The eight crystals included are: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Topaz, Green Jade, Quartz Crystal, Citrine, Elvan and Tiger Eye. Each of these crystals provide healing in their own unique way. A description of their individual healing power is described below.

Richway developed the BioBelt to focus on specific parts of the body. You can wear it around your waist, arms, legs or lay it on top of yourself as you lay on a larger biomat. Obviously, Richway had the mid-section of the human body mostly in mind when it was being developed. Our "center" is important to our over-all health more so than other parts of the body. The belt is excellent to help with joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, local cirulation as well as other ailments.

BioMat MiniMat

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Medical Device



  Get back pain relief as it: 1. dialates the blood vessels of your muscles, increasing the the flow of oxygen and helping to heal damaged tissue. 2. Stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, preventing the pain transmission signals to your brain. 3. Softens muscles and tissues, helping with stiffness.

Bio Belt Brochure

Bio Belt User Manual

Crystals In Richway Biobelt 7000mx

Amethyst: Richway only uses Korean Amethyst which is the best in the world. Amethyst naturally amplifies and emits far infrared rays.

Green Jade: Naturally amplifies infrared rays.

Black Tourmaline: Naturally emits negative ions which are antioxidants and improve the health of the air around you.

Topaz: Naturally emits strong infrared rays.


Quartz Crystal

Tiger Eye



Biobelt 7000mx Biobelt Stones
Biobelt Layers  


1. Surface Material: Silicon Urethane with cotton
2. Waterproof Layer
3. Semi-precious Stone Layer
4. Hyron Cotton Layer for thermal insulation
5. TOCA Layer: Strong negative ions
6. Nano Copper Fabric Layer for electromagnetic interception
7. Quantum Energy Layer (peach and grape seeds)
8. Silicon and Teflon reverse currency heating layers with EMF interception
9. Nonwoven fabric layer
10. Thermal protection layer
11. Bottom material: High quality cotton with brass pattern

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