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Healing Power

Learn more about the healing power of :
Infrared Rays
Negative Ions
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The Richway Biomat


Richway Biomats are used by thousands all over the world to relieve the pain of their health conditions and to add a natural therapy to their daily lives. All Biomats infuse your body with far infrared rays and negative ions. The Biomat is a infrared heating pad that, along with pain relief, provides muscle relaxation, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, better sleep, detoxification and an immune system boost. Energy, relaxation and regeneration are the byproducts. Richway Biomats for healthy living.


Richway Biomats are a combination of high-end technology that combines several healing powers into a single product and are completely safe. Heating pads are not only unhealthy, but are an extreme fire hazard.
More information on biomats vs heating pads..

All Biomats produce large amounts of negative ions into the air surrounding your body. Negative ions are atoms with more electrons (-) than protons (+) and are most abundant in natural environments like the mountains, oceans and forests. The Nobel Prize for Medicine was given to two men who discovered the function of single ion channels in cells. Richway Biomats surround you with negative ions. Learn how to find out how negative ions can support healthy living.

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All Biomats also project far infrared rays into your body. The far infrared ray deeply penetrates organic substances, including your body and the warming effect is very uniform. Among the energy spectrum coming from the Sun, far infrared rays are the safest and most beneficial electromagnetic energy sources available. Learn more about far infrared ray therapy.
Amethyst Bio-Mat Professional
Learn More about Pro Biomats
Professional Biomat
Professional Biomat $1,950.00

Amethyst Bio-Mat Queen
Learn More about Queen Biomats
Queen Biomat
Queen Biomat $3,850.00


  See Pope Benedict XVI's Blessing of Richway for our contribution to healthcare products. Click Here
  Pope Benedict XVI recognizes Richway for healthcare contributions


"The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees"
By Former director of Yokohama General Hospital, Nobuhiro Yoshimizu,M.D.Ph.D.
If you would like to read Dr. Yoshimizu's book on the effects of infrared therapy (thermotherapy) on the human body, click here to download a .pdf of his book.

Far infrared rays have been found to improve blood circulation and eventually results in an increase in temperature of the body tissues.1 Thermotherapy increases blood flow which makes tissue healing easier by nutrients, protein and oxygen at where the injury occurred. Studies show that a one degree celcius increase in the temperature of tissue is associated with a 10-15% increase in metabolism at the local level.2 This increase in tissue metabolism helps the process of healing by eliminating the metabolic byproducts of the damaged tissue and establishes a better environment for repair of the tissue.

Another recent study by Dr. George Grant in Toronto. Canada, shows that stress relief is produced up to 78% when using the infrared therapy. Click here to download this study. Richway Biomats for better health!


Richway's Biomat is Approved by the
U.S Food and Drug Administration Among Many Others

Biomat FDA and other certifications

call 850-348-1541 to order your Biomat



Quantum Energy Pad


Quantum Energy Pads

Richway presents the new Amethyst Quantum Pad, a product composed of environmentally safe raw materials such as organic energy extracted from peach and grape seeds, which is healthy for the human body's biological vibration. These pads are meant to lay over your Biomat to add another level of healing to your treatment. Learn More...


Biobelt 7000mx

The Richway Biobelt is Back!

Richway introduces the new Biobelt 7000mx. Made with eight semi-precious stones that produce negative ion and infrared rays, the Biobelt is great for targeting specific areas of your body. The Biobelt provides warmth and comfort as it's heat warms you from within your body. Learn More

Buy Now!
Richway Biobelt
Biobelt 7000mx Regular Size

The Richway Biomat is
U.S. F.D.A Approved Class II Medical Device

US FDA Approved!

Amethyst Pillow

Get a Good Night's Sleep with
Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow

A healthy glow doesn't just result from the makeup you apply in the morning: a true sense of well-being begins with how well you sleep. The importance of sleep can't be overemphasized as it is actually an active state that is essential for mental and physical restoration. Sleep helps the mind and body refresh for the next day, and it helps skin to repair itself and injuries to heal.
  Amethyst Pillow

More than 100 million Americans of all ages often fail to get a good night's sleep. Now that you know sleep is a necessity, not a luxury, plan to get enough of it. Learn more about Richway's Amethyst Pillow.
Amethyst Pillow for Biomat


NASA Discovered How To Generate Infrared Rays. Learn more about
infrared rays


The most advanced water purification and ionizer system in the world!

Alkaline ionized water is different from the water we drink. It contains ions and can enter our body cells three times faster than normal tap water. The molecular structure is smaller than tap water, thereby allowing more hydration and better detoxification.

The water we drink is poorly filtrated and exposes us to all kinds of toxins and pollution. On the other hand, alkaline ion water removes impurities, and activates healthy minerals into an ionic form which produces "living water."

Alkaline ion water is a powerful liquid anti-oxidant that readily abosorbs into the body and neutralizes free radicals. Free radical damage causes us to age faster and is largely responsible for many diseases, including cancer.

Alkaline ion water washes out acidic wastes, greatly improves physiological processes, helps irradicate free radicals from the body and more. Learn more about the Alkal-Life.

Alkal Life
$2,500.00 + FREE SHIPPING

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

1. Alkaline water is a powerful anti-oxidant that's easily absorbed into the body and neutralizes free radicals.
2. Alkaline water has lots of ions to balance and maintain a proper body pH (7.35 - 7.45). This creates an environment that inhibits bacteria, inflammation and disease.
3. Alkaline Water has a smaller molecule structure. This facilitates more hydration, faster nutritional intake and detoxification.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1991


In 1991 two German physiologists, Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann, were awarded the Nobel Prize "for their discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells."

Click Here to see how Richway's Biomats can improve the health of your body's cells with negative ions.

  natural amethyst stone  
The Amethyst is universally known as the healing crystal and has been since ancient times. Amethyst has become to be known as a power crystal with prolific healing powers that can be characterized as purifying, pacifying and transitional. Click here to find out more about the healing power of the Amethyst.

Richway Mini Biomat

Amethyst Mini Biomat

All of the health benefits of a infrared and negative ion therapies compacted into a small, easy to carry version. The Mini Biomat is popular for its portability and price. Not only is it the lowest priced Biomat, but it is also the only Biomat you don't have to lay down on to use. The Richway Mini is also the only Biomat to have alternating channels of amethyst and tourmaline. Fill your personal space with negative ions and feel the infrared heat warm the inside of your body. Great for back pain and it makes relaxing around the house so much easier!

Learn more about Richway's Mini Biomat


Richway Mini Biomat

Mini Biomat
Visit Our Brand New Richway Biomat Store!

Become a RichWay Distributor...

Richway logo

Why not become a distributor for Richway and make money every time one of your contacts, friends or family buys a Biomat or one of the other Richway products? Richway's compensation plan for its distributors has the industry in shock. The plan was devised as a means to allow the average person to make great profits while developing their own business.


Detoxi 300hrs

Richway Detoxi 300hrs

Richway rarely introduces a new product because it wants to focus on making it's existing products better and healthier. But when it discovered bamboo salt, it had to add it to Richway's product list. Over a thousand years ago, a Buddhist temple in Korea began using this salt. It consists of sun-dried salt which is put into the hollow of bamboo trunk that has been cut into sections at its nodes. This is then burnt nine times with pure yellow ocher. Its full of essential minerals and micro-nutrients. High contents of phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc, Vitamin B and sulfur are found in this salt. It is a powerful anti-oxidant. Suggested usage: 1 packet per day. Learn More about Detoxi 300hrs...



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